Monica Stephens – Florence, Kentucky

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Ms Monica Stephens has not only wrecked my relationship with my sons father but thankfully Monica fiance found out about her cheating on him and has decided to leave her and fight for custody of there child because Monica is constantly in and out of jail . Monica and my baby father met in drug court . Monica got sent to rehab and invited my boyfriend to stay at her condo while she was away. Well she started returning on the weekends with drugs and she ended up sleeping with my b/f multiple times . I used to work with her so she New me and him was together and her being a forty year old woman she should have more respect for other people's relationships . I blame him just as much as her but females should not do this to one another and if they do there picture should be hung everywhere so us real ladies can keep our families away from her. Not only did she sleep with my b/f she also gave him a STD, thank god it was not HIV. so ladies around Florence Kentucky keep a eye on her if she is around your men. Men from Florence Kentucky be careful if you fall for her , you will also be falling into the doctors office to learn about your new STD you have contracted

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