Monica April Rodriguez – Santa Ana, International

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April ( Monica) is a homewrecker who broke 3 innocent children's family apart & because of her, they have suffered.  James & Marisol were together for almost 4 years  but because of James ex, April. There relationship was ruined .She couldnt accept her ex waa with a new girl & she would interfere by acting needy & constantly calling James . He didn't want to cut her off because he felt bad for her since she was there when for him when they were younger. Marisol was the bigger person and altjough it bothered her, she told James to be there for her. April took advantage & because of her, it went down hill. They would fight a lot & James would say ahe didnt leave him alone m he felt sorry for her. Even when asked to respect the relationship when a baby was on the way & asked to stop she said no. That She didn't give a fuck & she continued to be with him leaving Marisol to go through pregnancy alone.  Marisol did leave james multiple xs & eveeytime April will do somethinb. Rhe last time she sais she needed nis help. She doesnt have papers and asked him if he could marry her as it will be believable and they would pay him. Marisol finally ledr him for good. The baby was only 1 month. She  expected him to change but the bitch accomplished him to marry her. The baby never got a chance to see her family together and the two boys are not had another man they loved leave them just like their father. The boys had it rough. 

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