Mistress Tissa – Philadelphia, International

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 Philadelphia Trans Mistress Tissa gave me an STI and has RUINED my life!

I've been doing BDSM sessions for over twenty years but I did have to take a two year break due to family issues.I was very excited to see this really new Dominatrix in Philadelphia.Mistress Tissa is very new to scene and seemed professional. The first big flag (should ran then) was when I contacted her on her website the only way to get a session was to PAY for the phone call to set up the session through Niteflirt.  I should've passed right then as that seems a bit over the top for screening but she was nice on the phone and also promised that one of my kinks would be the best and most realistic I ever had. (pegging), All the other Mistresses I had contacted in Philly were busy and I was really itching for a session since it had been too long
I arrive at her dungeon Temenos. She definitely doesnt look nearly as inviting as her pictures  and there was something really off about her but I couldn't put my fingers on it. There was an odd odor and her eyes were bloodshot. There was  no sexual energy about her at all and she seemed to be going through the motions. Even noticed her looking at the clock numerous times which really irked me as I felt rushed and frauded. There was some flogging, bondage and then she started "prepping" me for strap on.  I had asked her to please go very gentle as it had been years since I had a strap on and that was not respected. I tried to endure it the best I could but not only was it painful and uncomfortable but something didnt feel right at all. I chalked that up to my being out of the loop for that activity for a long time and called my safeword and ended the session
This was the most horrifying experience ever and soon you will see why. Five days later my ass felt like it was burning and itching and only got worse. The burning became unbearable and I made an appointment with my DR. I went in to see him and get testing done. Long story short,  "Mistress" Tissa gave me Herpes II. That was NOT a strap on with a condom, she is a transexual and gave me an STI. I would NEVER had seen a Trans. I only like natural born real women, Not only was I deceived, ripped off and raped (by deceit) I AM NOW SICK. I now have a sickness that I will have for the rest of my life. My wife will probably divorce me and I will lose my wife and kids. Tissa has RUINED my life! Avoid this unethical and disgusting provider at all costs.

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  • Wow this is highly deceitful and truly outrageous she/he could be charged criminally for giving you an std that you can not get rid of – she obviously knew that she had it. This is bad business- unfortunately tho you were going behind your wife’s back so you not only got burnt but now you burnt your wife simoltaneously….. hoping you can get her to understand you have fetishes that she can’t fulfill! Best luck!

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