Michelle Lynn Nasalroad – Overland, Missouri

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This loose legged whore broke up a marriage and future for my friend. They have been together for over 20 years. Married a couple years now. They were planning on adding to thier family.  Justin Leslie (husband) aka Justin Lytle. Has a teenager already. My friend accepts him as if he were her own. After fertility doctors and other efforts to add a baby to the mix Justin told my friend he is leaving her. Because he wants a family. Come to find out. He jumped in between the whore, Michelle Lynn Nasalroads,  legs. Allegedly he got her pregnant. So he leaves his wife and his teenage son to be worth this homewrecker.  They haven't even had time to file for divorce and he changed his relationship status on Facebook to in a relationship with her. Posted on her page how much in love with her he is. And she replied back with her love for him. Here is the kicker. This bitch has 3 young boys which are my friends' nephews!  Yup. Mommy Michelle is now together with Uncle Justin!  What a way to raise your kids! It's ok to steal your family members spouse!!  

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