Michelle de Vandahlcourte under my bed – Cocoa, Florida

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Y do men always think they can get away with cheating in their own bed in their own home? Not that a motel room or her place or anywhere else is safer. But doesn’t the woman Always come home and surprise them eventually? Well my husband he almost got away with it back n July of this year with a cu^t named Michelle de Vandahlcourte. He heard me coming home and rattling keys around at the apartment door and got her to hide under the bed. Well I came home early 4 a Reason. I wasn’t feeling well & didn’t go 2 my class and wanted to lay down. So I was actually laying in the bed that he just F***ked her in with her underneath the bed! Gross!! They just waited 4 me 2 fall asleep & she slithered 🐍out from under it and left. But apparently the situation had her very amused bc while waiting 4 me to sleep. She took out her phone & video streamed it to Instagram or something. But also uploaded pictures of the view from under bed & captions saying: waiting for his frigid wife 2 start snoring 😴😉 hiding under bed. So later when I found out he is cheating and got her name from an email header, I googled & found her Instagram. I had 2 scroll down a while but there was our bedroom floor. I recognized furniture, my bra hanging on closet doorknob, my bag of prescriptions from Walgreens, and my basket that I keep tweezers & mirror and other things in next 2 the bed. It was definitely OUR bedroom and I knew exactly what day it was!😡 so she busted the both of them about a month after the deed bc she couldn’t resist bragging about her sluttiness!


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