Michelle de Vandahlcourte – Church Desecrater – Austin, Texas

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I was dating a guy who was a lay minister at a church in a small town north of Austin. We were “engaged to be engaged” HIS words. Bs now that I think about it he was a f#%ckboy player who thought churches would be a good way 2 get chicks in that town. Well at least one of them didn’t come from any church & im surprised the slut didn’t explode into flames or get struck by lightening when he took her in there. But yeah it wasn’t a Sunday or Wednesday and he just has some admin stuff to do in his little office. But a tornado warning cane up while he had her in their f#%cking her & the tornado came pretty close to hitting the rectory. A warning from God maybe? Close those legs whore of babelon! It ripped some shingles or whatever off roof but didn’t get any closer. But at some point they thought about making a run 4 it & both came out 4 just a sec. she was topless holding bra on over her boobs & he had pants in hands wearing his tighty whiteys. They only popped out for a second and it was real near dark but oc someone saw & u can’t keep anything secret in that jerkwater little town. So be warned I guess, if ur gonna f**k Michelle De Vandahlcourte in a church b sure she’s on top so at least the lightning bolt fries her fat a$s 1st😅


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