Michelle de Vandahlcourte B-J student – Austin, Texas

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My ex husband was a professor at LSU in the political science department back in the early 2000s when Michelle Zaragoza aka the future Michelle De Vandahlcourte was taking one of his classes. She already had a rep with male faculty. They said she wasn’t an a/b student, she was a bj student. haha😒 he Lost his tenure at LSU because of her. I’ll just skip to the end real quick and say that nothing ever happened to her. The bitch never got in any kind of trouble whatsofucking ever! And she did that in about 30 classes with mostly male and 3 female professors during her six years in college. Yeah it took the dumb a$$ ho 6 years even tho she cheated her way thru

College. This may have been the beginning of her under the desk whoring. She would be in a profs office who arranged for her & when he got back from a lecture or whatever to sit down at his desk: zip goes the zipper and open goes the slut-mouth. Tho I suppose she faced the other way when needed. I get kind of sick when I read all his old email to & from her. But 30?!? It only takes like 42 classes to get a degree. And in her bj courses the deal was always: an A 4 sex. So most of her degree is bu!!sh!t then? Maybe that explains Y she’s an incompetent moron in most every job she’s ever had except hooker! Of all her profs tho my husband was the only one stupid enough 2 get caught. They made up some other excuses to fire him and swept the Michelle De Vandahlcourte thing under the rug bc they didn’t want that publicity obviously. I guess if they gave out actual degrees in being a whore then she definately earned it!!

– Erica 

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  • thats real common in college. I always saw thoties flirting w male profs. Sure its again the rules but u can’t stop em as long as their a little careful

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