Michelle de Vandahlcourte – Austin, Texas

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Michelle De Vandahlcourte is EVIL!👹😡 Theirs just no other way 2 say it! And its not just bc she opend her cumholes 2 MY HUSBAND, no. And not because he & her together WRECKED OUR MARRIAGE o 7 years. We had 1 child who I was 4 month pregnant with at the beginning at the divorce. My other kids were with their father. What makes her evil is that is a pattern, over & over, deliberately of not caring that men our married or in relationships. She doesn’t even want these guys 4 herself. She just pursues sex like a man. Meetin litrally in motel rooms 2 suck & f**k guys she meant online like my ex husband! She sends them vid clips wear she’s rolling around on the floor sucking banana and a cucumber, getting lipstick on them and says “imagine if u could trade places with this banana.” In another video she spanking herself, telling him she want it from behind and she imagines his big strong hands smackin her a$$cheeks til there bright pink, then 2 picture his c*m oozing outta her and drying on her all sticky. She titles this vid “my hot pink sticky buns.” My husband, now my EX, then traveled from Atlanta to Austin and got a room to meet her in person 4 the very 1st time and have sex with her 4- 3days. He had three different ppl wear he worked lie to my face and say he had to go 2 Texas 4 a company seminar that was required.


She say on Tumblr that she wants “men’s dicks cumming in her and on her as much as possible.” Other Ladies hear have said its a mental illness & she needs psychiatrists help. But I don’t think so. I think she actually HATES that ppl are happy in relationships ! She wants to destroy everything just 4 the hell of it. Maybe its the Cajun Witchcraft Sh*T shes into. I think she’s really got the DEVIL in her.

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  • If anyone wanna pay this rotten fish smelly cūnt a vist her work address 5202 north Lamar blvd, Austin Tx. Since she like sendin men d!cksuckin pictures of herself go ahead & leave a bunch stuck to car windows all threw the parking lot! Hers is the dk blu BMW 325i 4 door , n case anyone wanna give it special attention😒 she’s listed on stdcarriersdatabase.com so call her at 323-776-9673 @ like 2am weekdays 2 ask her how many stds she carrying in her pussy!🤮

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