Michelle de Vandahlcourte – Austin, Texas

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I thought she was a friend at first when I met her. That’s because she helped us when we about to get kicked out of a trailer park where we lived. My husband, me, and are 1 year old daughter. My other 2 kids were with the father. I shoulda known what kinda person she is in the beginning when we found out she gets free rent @her space in the trailer park in exchange for teachin sewing lessons to landlords daughter. Except no one ever seen the daughter, it turns out he just f**kin her instead. For rent? Yep, so that makes her a true prostitute!!!


But hey, we less than one paycheck away from homeless also & I just hope it never get that bad 4us! He a shrivley old white dude in his 60s who try to dress like he in Donnie Brasco. He’s disgusting, but she doin whatever it takes right? This was back in 2010 when the economy of the whole damn world still fallin apart. So she said shed go & get him to charge us4 only one person instead of 2 adults. It lowers rent by a little bit. Like 2 extra large packages of diapers a month. So I thought well she a ho, but a friendly ho. And you gimme that many extra diapers a month & o course I’ll be nice. So about 8 month later maybe, my baby girl says a lot of words. I’m flippin thru channels and pass sex&the city. Not a porno scene just make out, but I don’t ever play that kinda stuff around my girl. It was just on for a second, but long enough for my baby to point @ tv & say Michelle! I laughed at first & was almost stupid enough to call the bitch & tell her the funny story. Then I thought about all it could mean. I called my friends and they hooked be up with a animal toy camera, like nanny cam they used to call it. Sure enough, it was worst thing I imagined.


While I’m at work as a cashier at HEB, bringin in the only money we have, and he at home supposed to be on the phone tryna get ssdi or something + watching our daughter, HE F**KIN MICHELLE gettin sloppy seconds after the nastyass landlord get his morning poke in. AND HES DOING THIS IN FRONT OF OUR DAUGHTER!


When I went off on him, he try to say hey, at least I didn’t leave her unattended & I could see her the whole time. Oh yeah great, you father of the fu**kin year now!!! Then he try to say I gotta give him that camera bc ima spying on him & its illegal, then he gonna get my parents and my brother deported bc they all became Muslims. Their all from Houston you dumbass! Where you wanna deport them to, Galveston? So we got into biggest fight ever in our marriage, and the one that ended our marriage. I had some bruising but I made it out ok. Tge cops pulled up just when he try to strangle me with a vacuum cleaner cord. So in Texas by that time, that mean automatic jail for him even if I didn’t press charges bc the cops saw it through the window. Meanwhile I got my baby & our things outta there and went back with my mother during the divorce. And all this time vandalcunt Michelle was nowhere in sight. Just vanished like fart n the wind and hit the road with a bunch of gypsy hippies or something back to California where she was born. I thought good, stay there with your own kinda freaky ppl and maybe you’ll OD or something. But it sound like she alive & well & back here whorin around texas again! I’m glad he got outta our life tho before my girl has a chance to make permanent memories of him.



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  • As one her past victims i think it b adorable if tru, but I seen this come up under images when u google the ho & think its her posin 4 some stunt. I can understand exactly y anyone would wanna do this 2 her tho& much more! She deserves a bucket of shit over her head, this ain no comedy , the dumpster slut ruined lives!😡🤮😡

  • Good photo of the bitch😉👍🏾 Ikr seein all “flattering” pics jus make contacts 4her w guys who go fishin 4 sluts here & kno they don’t give shit if hes married😒

  • It’s just awful that she did it with your husband IN FRONT OF YOUR BABY GIRL! Of course you know he’s got part of the blame here. But I know this c^nt’s history & she’s mentally ill when it comes to men! She will literally spread / kneel / bend over for ANY dick. There’s something very wrong with the bitch. Since I’m not a professional therapist, I’d say the best thing is to circulate her pictures as much as you can to WOMEN in order to warn them. NOT to men! She has actually hooked up with guys through these websites! Repost these things on twitter & fb as much as you can.

    • Hey Wendy! Don’t worry sweetie, men who can copy and paste my name to google can find plenty of other ways to communicate with me than just the one of my VoIP numbers from California that your prude-posse has been giving out.

      And everyone else, FYI, what Kendaiaya isn’t telling you
      is that she and her husband were going through a divorce which SHE STARTED. That’s because at that job at HEB she was getting fucked doggy style by one stockboy while another stockboy was getting sucked by her at the same time (bravo btw Kendaiaya! That sounds like something I’d like to do for a really fun time!) The reason we know this of course is because you were stupid enough to do it after hours- it’s one of the locations that closes- in a back room with security cameras running. The security guards, being men, naturally made copies and eventually posted it to xtube. It was your man seeing THAT, online, which lead to your divorce because YOU got upset with HIM for catching you. It was AFTER that when he started fucking me. Then you changed your mind, wanted him back, and got pissed off when he told you never mind. Also, since you seem to have such a problem with your memory, let me help you out here: during that fight where you got strangled with a vacuum cleaner cord, it was one of your boyfriends from heb doing the strangling. “Your man” and I were already in Santa Monica, CA by then. Your ACTUAL assailant’s arrest is a matter of public record on file with the Bexar County Sherrif’s department, as is YOUR OWN ARREST RECORD, since the two of you had been tweaking that day while your baby daughter was there. Which brings me to the next matter of public record: the fact that CPS took her, then she went to your mom’s, then when you got out you had supervised visitation with her. THEN you later regained custody and continued to live with your mom. All in all, she’s lucky to have made it this far, considering the poor odds any one of your babies has to begin with, Abortion Queen! Yes, I remember those too, little miss holier than all. Whether she remembers anything of that part of her life or not, all this information will be available to her in just a few more years when she’s 18 years old. And the xtube video of you getting double cowboy’d is most likely going to still be there for her to see. Nice parenting skills, mother of the fucking year! If I’m lying, prove me wrong by showing me your ex husband’s arrest record! You can’t do it because he doesn’t have one. He was with me in California.

  • Oh bitches plz!😅 puttin pies in her face? Tar and feather her? What yall think this is, happy days a 3 stooges movie? I kno this cu*nt a well as any of yall, and shec serious evil!😡 I say BRAND HER ASS!!! Get all these repeat offenders from texas Christina Lucero, Michelle De Vandahlcourte, Jerelaine Dotson, Siera Stanton THEY WANNA FUCK MARRIED MEN IN TEXAS? BRAND THEIR CUNTA$$ES LIKE CATTLE🐄 I kno just the rednecks to do it big old brandin iron with capital SL on left ass cheek & capital UT on right ass cheek. That shits 4life NO removal like tattoos! Let every man they ever undress 4 b reminded what he fu<kin. A SLUT.

  • If anyone wanna pay this rotten fish smelly cūnt a vist her work address 5202 north Lamar blvd, Austin Tx. Since she like sendin men d!cksuckin pictures of herself go ahead & leave a bunch stuck to car windows all threw the parking lot! Hers is the dk blu BMW 325i 4 door , n case anyone wanna give it special attention😒 she’s listed on stdcarriersdatabase.com so call her at 323-776-9673 @ like 2am weekdays 2 ask her how many stds she carrying in her pussy!🤮

  • Michelle Viviénne de Vandahlcourte

    Btw thanks for the cake frosting in the face, Ladies, it was yummy… but not as yummy as your man’s cum pumping down my throat😋 and thanks even more for that!😮😉
    The free publicity has paid off once again! Thank you so much. Though your information is all over the map-inaccurate.
    I have guys I never met before contacting me wanting to hook up for sex, and believe me, I WILL oblige them and satisfy them. And at no point will I ask them their relationship status, because I don’t care if they’re married!

    Ooh, and the branding is an excellent idea! I may just beat you to it Angela, and brand my own ass with the word slut. Although the men already know they’re with someone who can satisfy their sexual desires. Even in the dark it should be obvious to them that they’re not with their wives, since I won’t just be on my back, frigid, like a dead fish- or whatever it is you people do that you think is sex that is boring the shit out of them in the first place- the Slut brand on my butt would reassure them that they’re cumming to the right Woman for satisfying sex😘

    Michelle, “the Cum Dumpster”

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