Michelle de Vandahlcourte – Austin, Texas

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Really LONG, warning, this is from an old blog back during my divorce. When I first met Michelle de Vandahlcourte eleven years ago, her face was entirely covered with cake frosting that she was hopelessly tryin to wipe out of her eyes. She seemed confused, understandable, and sitting at a table at bennigans at the galleria in Houston. Her “friends” still laughing a little were getting up and walking away to leave her there awkwardly tryin to clean herself up with tiny restaurant napkins and having very little luck. None of them had done it to her tho, I saw the culprit ANGRY looking WOMAN walking away from the table fast like Al Pacino. Well, I felt very sorry for her, she was dressed in nice office-appropriate clothes and what I could see of her hair still looked nice. It was afternoon after lunch so I figured she still had to get back to work somewhere nearby. So I took pity on her and helped her.


Big Mistake!!! Yes, I guided her to the ladies room, asked her what happened as I helped her clean up with paper towels at the sink. She said just a misunderstanding & squabble with a work acquaintance. I found out later that it was another woman pissed off at Michelle because she had spread her legs, as usual, for either the woman’s boyfriend or husband. Her blouse & jacket were both gonna need dry cleaning. We’re about the same size except her tits are a cup size smaller than mine. But I had a blouse an blazer in my car so we went out and I loaned them her so she could return to work on time + still be presentable. Yeah, so hear I am like her dang knight in shining armor all rescuing her & sh!t. Like I said big mistake, but I thought we were bonding as friends. The next day, she not only took her stuff to be dry clean, but the things I loaded her as well And all the other clothes in my car that needed dry cleaned, like about 20 things. Ok I wasn’t a total pig back then, Imma just jugglin 50 things every week and working and taking college classes, so I had to change clothes on the run alot. 


So here I thought awww she so sweet, I have a new bff. And in one semester she helped me a ton with a Spanish class that I was talking. Like havin a free tutor and a native speaker, and she speaks that upper class Spanish that the prof wanted to teach, not the Tex-Mex. but she was too good 2b true. VILLAINS WHO ACT LIKE EVIL BITCHES are easy to spot. The real most evil ones are the ones who actlike friends and then STAB YOU IN THE BACK!


So along cumz my husband at the time, Marco. (Now ex husband thank God!) See Marco had a habit of liking to have sex on my period. But he wanted it all the time, so I don’t think he like anything special about menstrualblood, he’s just so horny he didn’t care about getting it on him. So one night he comes home to tired to shower and I decide to wake him up the next morning with a surprise. Instead I got the, VERY DISGUSTING, surprise. Some bitches period blood on his d!ck and all stained the inside of his underwear!!!🤢🤢🤢 He tried to say it was mine and that he accidentally put on some dirty underwear by mistake. So I pretended to go along with it like I believe him. But really? I hadn’t had mine in two weeks, and in spite of my batch o work clothes in my car, my momma did teach me to keep house & I don’t let dirty laundry pile up. And I get that kinda stain out with hydrogen peroxide, oxiclean whatever it takes. I want to satisfy my husband, but I’m not a dirtyass skank. If I can’t get the stain out I’ll throw them away and buy him new ones. So just how f**king stupid did he think I was, really?!?


I made my move at a barbecue with some friends (mexicunt wasn’t there) I waited until he had been on his 4thmalt liquor. Then I told him I took those under wear to a DNA lab and had the stain analysis. And that it was a black woman’s DNA, but def NOT mine! So I knew he been with (name of black girlfriend of mine) I knew he’s drunk enough to mess up! Sure enough he blurts out: buuuuulllsh!t, you didn’t take it to no damn DNA lab and I never been with (black girls name) she was white as them clouds. So his stupidass just confessed w/o realizing it, to f**king someone else, and that it was a white girl. He only knew two white women, both in 50s or 60s from the dispatch office at the tow truck company where he worked And their Aunt Flo had waved byebye long ago. And one more white chick just in the last 6 month, Michelle Zaragoza. That’s what her name was before she became Michelle de Vandahlcourte. My gut intuition told me it was her when I first saw the blood. But I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it. But it makesense bc of the hippie chick philosophy she’s always talkin about.


So I went to the mexicunt with my next lie. I told her that Marco and I had a really long talk and that hed convinced me to go along with a threesome so she didn’t have to hide it anymore bc I knew. I said he talked me into going polyamory with the 3 of us. Her face was like she just got a Christmas present. She confessed w/o realizing she confessing. She said that’s so wonderful that he talked you into it, and that he didn’t think I would ever “come around” to that way of thinking.


It took every Christian bone in my body to be lead not into the temptation to smack her ass upside her stupid s!ut head right there & instead made plans to get my lawyer to “come around” with divorce papers for him. With her I just asked innocent how they hook up? She says she went to a club after work, girl’s night out and he showed up somehow out of the blue. Then he starts pumpin her full of sailor Jerry rum. Her favorite. When she woke up they were in a motel room and he was hittin the booty from behind her, doggy style. So since it sounds like borderline date rape, I feel bad for her and mostly went after him. But dammit, once you turn your drunk hoeass around to see who’s d!ck in you, and you see it’s your best friends HUSBAND, your supposed to put a stop to that sh!t!


So when the divorce started, we quit being friends oc. She also knows by then that I tricked her into confessing. We don’t ever talk anymore. He had just bought his own tow truck so he could stop working for someone else and had started being independent. Only thing is, HE didn’t buy it, I did. I had the title in my name. So off I went to one of them titlemax kinda places. I got several k for the loan on it. I treated myself to a large bottle of Liz Taylor White Diamonds perfume, my fav, plus lots of clothes, shoe shopping, some cute jewelry  but mostly I used it to pay my last semester tuition at U of H & graduated w no student loan! After about six weeks of no title-loan payment, they oc come and repossessed the truck from him. The apartment was also mine, so after divorce he moved in w one of his homies from school. But without the truck he was unemployed and couldn’t get his old job back and soon couldn’t pay any extra money for rent. So ON HIS 40TH BIRTHDAY, he moved back in w his mommy😅 I saw him from a distance @ memorial city mall that next Christmas and he had on the most silly a$$ lookin reindeer sweater I ever saw. I think to myself: You Ugly and Yo Momma Dresses You Funny!🤣 I started laughing so hard my girls thought I was chocking! But I never really thought about the mexicunt anymore. She was sorta like, out of site outta mind.


Until I found her by accident looking at her fashion likes on Pinterest. Then I googled her and a few dozen of these Homewreckers exposed websites came up with her & one for sexual transmitted disease listing. Then it occurs to me, she was probably much more at fault than I thought at first. She has a history of this sh!t goin back over a decade. Oh and by the way, SHE’S NOT 32! More like late thirties, 38 or 39 by now. She lying about that also. A very insecure person with low self esteem. Watch out for this one she’s trouble.

Sincerely, Tamekia

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  • best pictures I seen of her yet. since the c^nt spend most her life w a d!ck in her mouf, it looks more natural to see her that way🤣 and you called her mexicunt🌮🐟😂👍🏾

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