Michelle de Vandahlcourte 🌮🐠 – Austin, Texas

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Michelle De Vandahlcourte 🐠🐟FISH C*NT!I came home 2 find my boyfriend f**cking michelle de vandalcunt on my kitchen table. It woulda been such perfect opportunities to straight up m**rder her a$$. He had her tied up to all 4 table legs. With the kinda rope he used 2 tie his boat up 2 dock She’s spread out like an X both arms and both legs tied. I could’ve at least f**cked her up GOOD! Like brewing a nice pot of hot coffee and pouring it over parts of her. He had her underwear stuffed in her mouth as a gag& and her stocking tied around the back of her neck to hold the gag in her mouth. Her clothes were hung on a kitchen chair, like stuff a secretary would wear or business women maybe. I had no idea who she was. Fatter than me I notice. That ssurprising bc I’d always catch him staring at skinny bitches. Instead of attackinn her I went after him! I knew this was a fantasy of His that hes always tried to get me into but I wouldn’t. So I knew he’d done this 2 her. His idea bc she looks exactly like he describes wanting 2do me. Since she couldn’t talk but just murmur I don’t know if he’s not rapping her. SO I MAINLY WENT OFF ON HIM! I came home unexpected and opened the door right when he was finishing. As we stand there screaming at each other on each side of the table tge bitch lays there helpless making making “mmmurrrr” sounds. I yell at her 2 stfu once and so did he another time😂 The last time she interrupted was more disgusting/ since he just came in her like 2 min earlier, she pussyfarted. Surprised she held it in tgat long consider how loose it must b! 🌮🤢 So now his seed comes a dripping outta her over the table where I eat and for the 1st time 🐟🐠 I got a wiff of some Odors. FISH! OR MAYBE OYSTERS! Like spoiling🤢🤮 I just couldn’t control it but looking back I cannot have planned this better!!!!!! So yeah I vomited & it mostly went all over her!!! Landed pretty much on her belly button but ran both up & down. I had just eaten @ olive grarden & chunks wear all over her including snatch hair. Noticed the skank don’t bother with waxing, also weird 4 my bf since he f**kin demanded ME to do it! AT THE TIME, I was still feeling very sorry 4 her. Tied up naked and can’t talk 4 herself & just got puked on & he was the type that this could have been NOT consensual. I still wasn’t nice w my words about her while we argued & called her all the names I can think of. I ran 2 bathroom after I threw up on her, and when I came out, she’s gone. He cut her ropes w a fish knife & she was outta there with all her clothes & trail of my vomit chunk out the back door. So we kept arguing and he kept the fishing knife in his hand. He didn’t do nothing w fishing knife he wasn’t violent with me. A neighbor called the cops bc she naked in the back yard trying to rinse vomit off herself with the hose. This all happened 9 months ago,, so FEBRUARY in Austin it was about 3 degrees above freezing. Unfortunately it wasn’t colder! But now that I kno who she is and have more info I’m hopping the freezing water turned her skin blue! Anyway it’s a rental house but in a nice neighborhood so the cops get there right away before she can even dress & they cuff her  & put her in back of the car wrapped in a blanket. Problem is she so cold and chattering teeth so hard that she can’t talk sensibly and they see rope marks around her wristts and ankles. So they pound on the back door near wear they find her an hear all the shouting & the stupid bitch left it partly open. So it swings open and there’s my idiot boyfriend w a big knife so they damn near shot him. Had their guns out and everything. He dropped the knife and didn’t get hurt & we explained everything. But he has warrants in Hayes county that I didn’t know about so they took him in. I took his prize possession trophy for some hunting fishing redneckshit & found some park workers clearing brush nearly. So when they wasn’t looking I threw the thing into their wood chipper. Before I got back to my car I hear they turned it on and CRUNCH! He couldn’t make bail & had trial in the spring and he sserving time rn in a third county 4 God knows what. He’s not even that important 2 me anymore and I’m gonna be long gone by the time hes out. But what I find in his texts after I got into his phone says Michelle de Vandahlcourte KNEW DAMN WELL HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND and went to meet him at my house and knew his fantasies. She talked about it days before and sent nasty a$$ pictures 2 him of her f#*cking herself w three sausages. 1 in her fish smellin snåtch + 1 Up her fat a$$ + one in her top cumhole/  the mouth. They talked about him bringing in 2 other guys & she gets THREE D*CKS in her at once. So I no longer felt sorry 4 her at all now I know what she is. Getting puked on then soaked in ice water was a good start. Butt hot coffee wouldn’t have ruined her face 2 much would it? Missed opportunities but I made the best of it😅😂🤣



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  • Nah, I think the coffee would have scalded her but probably not permanent & plus u wouldn’t want to get arrested & jail 2 over this slut. Esp. if this man didn’t mean that much 2u. Better off w/o them n ur life. I do hope whatever u ate at olive garden was full of chunks like maybe shrimp and smelt like garlic & that you over-ate like crazy that day. Someone else posted about her that Karma’s a bitch so maybe this is just the start of some pleasant misfortunes 4 the hoe😝 I just hope you weren’t intimate with him again after that without protection. It’s well known that this one carries diseases!!! Have you seen the comments? Call 323-776-9673 and ask the whore how many stds she carries!

  • Fu**king hilarious!!!! I love it. Don’t know this ho, but she must have looked so ridiculous laying there😅 and it sound like u made her pretty uncomfortable so that’s good since it sounds like she deserves it! Did the cops take her in? THAT WOULD BE AN EXTRA SPECIAL WAY 2 RUIN A BITCHES DAY😁

    • Yeah! Its icing on the cake if they actually take her in on charges of something! What a day! Tied up w rope w ur own undies stuffed in ur mouf, man comes in u, u queefe it back out while woman calls u every dirty word, then woman blows chunks all over ur privates, then an ice water bath so cold u can’t talk bc of teeth chatter, cuffed by cops, AND NOW UR HOE A$$ GETTIN ARRESTED 4 INDECENT EXPOSURE & u spending rest of the day +night @ police station in holding!!!!

  • Btw congrats on ur aim Rita😂🎯🤣 puking on this cu^t in generl is priceless!!! But gettin it right N her nasty snatch was an act of pure God! This ain’t jus any hoe she the whore of babalon reincargnated👿

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