Michelle Curington – Berry, Alabama

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This disgusting whack job is well known for easy access to dump your load. However, most recently she was called out by her neighbor for cum gussling with her husband which also happens to be the dad of her daughters boyfriend. She needs exposed for the home wrecker nut case she is. She milks disability like most trash, she talks crap in the breezeway and parking lot about this woman but won’t say it to her face. Unfortunately in this situation her fate is sealed. She messed with the wrong woman’s man. Our entire complex is anticipating the ass whooping we all know without a doubt she has coming. She better hope she can block lethal blows and not those she constantly gets caught in the parking lot deep throating! She even told one neighbor that she enjoys sex with her dog. At least she’d be safe to stick to one that’s actually hers! Her daughter and her constantly fight about her humiliating whorish ways, and maybe her exposure will help keep the p***is from flopping, this whore from hoping, and the dangerous wives from knocking….

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  • I love everything you said and then some! I hope that bitch gets hers just like I hope Morgan Sarah Honeycutt gets her fucking to! So sorry you’re having to go through same shit I’m going through

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