Michelle Archer – Bronx New York, New York

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Direct all attention to this slut…from the time she been claiming she a friend she knew of me yes hubby is wrong too but we all know women look out 4 women so you would think after the warning she leave him alone a man will always b a man but only women know that struggle. All thru my pregnancies I have in the back of my mind what if. Now if u gonna creep with some1 make sure they feel the same way cause my husband talks so bad about this beast idk why she still contacting him her and her sister (both whores who prob licked eachother as children) wanna disrespect my children and I if she were a real big sista she would give her slut of a sister the advice of messing with married men is a no no. Which both have threatened me but yet to come and see me…oooo so not scared both know my where abouts yet I'm the 1 who keeps saying leave my husband alon and there wont be a problem. Your not the 1st whore thats been with a married man get over ya sloppy self he the only 1 who took a interest on low self esteem day. A parking spot. Used then abused he never claimed u are not anything important in his life.And she wants to tell me how to keep my man happy huh if ur man is keeping her so happy y is she so thirsty 4 mine and sending pics msgs and calls . This beast has proven me right and I love yo be right she was and still is a thirst demonic lost devil who does not care what a family goes thru due to lust and lies .thank Jah my family is still 2 2gether but t just know the score isn't over KARMA IS A BIG BITCH BIGGER THAN THAT BIG BITCH AND THATS A BIG BITCH SO SOME 1 PLZ TAKE HER OFF MY HANDS HER #347-932-9636 she dont have no man and is easy af…enjoy maybe yall can give her something better to do than chase my husband every other week and is too pussy 2 face me and my children smh there are some sick beings in this world ..oh she probably has a std i keep my self safe just in case. 

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