Meredith Mara – Seattle, Washington

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My BFF is a good person – who loves God and her family, And she believes that Vegemce belongs to the Lord.. well I'm a believer too but I have seen what the lies from this woman and her husband has caused her and felt like they needed to be exposed.  

After my BFF confronted her on the phone, this woman swore she had not even seen her husband – lately, but she was warned to stay away from him which seatown girl said she has never even thought of him "in that way." 

Months later when my BFF caught them together  her husband finally admitted, in 2 seperate  marriage counseling sessions that  it turned into a sexual affair after My bff called Meredith and he said it didn't serve as a warning to her but in fact it was the opposite, she told him if she was going to be accused of having an affair she might as well be doing it !? 

My question is "What kind of descent human being would be confronted with being with another woman's husband, and deny it, then say that it only  served as her challenge and not her warning?"

Her husband blamed ms seatown gal for turning his little emotional affair into a sexual one. But of course my bff also  found  out he had not been wearing his wedding ring and had told MM and at least 2 other women that he lived with friends and that he was getting a divorce… smh whose the worst of the 2 evils him or seatowngirl ? 

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