Melissa allender-frazier – Bellaire, Ohio

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This nasty lookn…trash has slept with over 100 men! She will KNOWINGLY try to get another womans man! She has a reputation in 3 states for being such a disgusting whore.the only reason ANY man sleeps with her is cause shes so easy! Shes a low life…homewreckn…white trash whore! She is married too!!!! Keep ur man far away from this vulgar thing! Shes also a junkie…has burns on her from falling asleep with a cigeratte after shooting up!!! Literally LOWEST OF THE LOW…..also has hepatitis! ! Any woman who has the audacity to TRY n steal someone else's man…..NEEDS DEALT WITH!!!!!! Nasty…disgusting. ….ugly ass….std infested twat!!! No man will EVER want you.

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