Megan Dechant – Stilwell, Kansas

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This fake, stuck up, phony, caked on make up wearin' bitch decided she would sink her filthy paws into my now Ex, not only stealing my husband, but my best-friend too. She fucked him within days of meeting, and professed her love for him after just 2 weeks. Who does that? She broke up a 10 year marriage that had produced 3 wonderful boys. He's to blame as well and he wasn't innocent in all of this either and he will forever be a pig in my eyes. I decided to be the bigger person and was even friendly to her over the years at my boys' sporting events. She didn't like that and told him on several occasions that she was jealous because he and I were able to remain friendly and on good terms after our divorce. Really? Just because you have an alcoholic POS as an Ex, that has neglected his kids in the past, doesn't mean he and I can't put aside our differences for the sake of our children. Grow up! He was devastated last year when he unexpectedly lost his father, and not only did you throw a fit because I sat in the front row with my boys at his funeral, you also on multiple occasions told him how he should and shouldn't grieve. You really are heartless bitch, aren't you? That was a rhetorical question, I know the answer. I may not have known about the affair until recently, but what YOU don't know is that even though he told you that we were no longer having sex, (and from what I understand, you were dumb enough to believe that) we never stopped and actually had sex at least a couple of times a week up until we separated in '13. So, now that Mark has opened his eyes and seen you for who you truly are, I suppose you can move on to breaking up another happy home. Afterall, that seems to be what you're good at…  Just remember, karma's a bitch! 

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