Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas Bank – London, United Kingdom

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This is a posting about a disgusting shithead called Matthew Smith who works in finance at BNP PARIBAS Investment Partners. He also has worked for JP Morgan Chase.

Avoid this nasty scumwhore Matt Smith (Matthew Smith) aka Matthew John Smith LTD from London, who goes by "MJSLTD" on plentyoffish.
Pure scumbag ! 
This bastard was my boyfriend during 4 years and was cheating with trannies , shemales and prostitutes until he got caught and I threw his ass out!
This guy is a such a loser ! He is obsessed with Asian ladyboys so he was cheating with ladyboys and trannies he met on plentyoffish, tinder etc… and I found out that he was also going regularly to the cheap brothels in Chinatown.

On the picture you can see one of the Asian ladyboys he cheated with. I caught him cheating with these shemales because he adds them on facebook. (he pretends that they're friends but in fact he meet them on plentyoffish..)
He even had set up a secret instagram profile to contact Asian ladyboys on it

Matt Smith doesnt know how to tell the truth! All he does is lie, cheat, steal and backstab people!

He is a compulsive liar!
Here's an example: This is his dating profile on plentyoffish (that he was using to cheat on me by the way…):
He claims to be 32, yet in reality he is turning 37 this year ( he was born 27/11/1980) 
You can see the proof here's his details given on his company registration:
Thats not all..He claims to be looking for serious relationship. Hahaha what a joke!
He is only looking for sex with trannies, shemales (preferably Asians, his fetish) to satisfy his craving for sucking dicks and sick obsession on Asians. I know something, he cheated on me with tons of ladyboys he met on dating sites.

Even when he has a girlfriend, Matthew Smith continues to look for skanks on dating sites. He cheats with trannies, shemales, pretending he is "single"

Dont trust this cheating cocksucker! Nothing that comes out of his ugly mouth is the truth!
All you will get from this piece of shit is a good dose of STDs (AIDS /HIV /Herpes ) !

Here's more informations about this loser.
Matt Smith lives in a flatshare in Clapham and works/has worked for BNP Paribas and JP Morgan Chase in London and Bournemouth.
His alias are : smithmatt007,MJSLTD, MJSLTD80, Matthew John Smith LTD, Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS and I'm sure he has many other.

Some of his profiles:

His company:
Matthew John Smith Limited
Office Address:
First Floor, Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road BN1 6AF Brighton

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