Matthew Dudgeon – Haverhill, Massachusetts

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This bastard really fooled me into thinking he loved me. Then I saw he was commenting on his ex's IG pics of her new tattoos right above her tits. He told me he was just joking around w her.  Then we were streaming a movie and his messenger popped up with his ex( who is married but in an open relationship=whore).   He swore it was just on her name and they weren't talking. A few weeks later he ends it basically via text out of nowhere. I was broken. I'm better now, you know why? I realized that he is 50 yrs old and going nowhere. He can't keep up on rent because he spends it all on weed.  He is a disgusting pig, I just wish I didn't have to get so hurt to see the truth. Fuck off Matt Dudgeon.

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