Matthew Blackley & karina micko – West long branch, New Jersey

This is my dad he left us for this whore!

he is missing out on my childhood! He wasn't at my game to see me cheer

He wants to party with this slut who got him into drinking & drugs He's not a teenager why is he acting like one 

this karina micko woman is saying he's her boyfriend # power couple 

how can you say that he was married to my mom you stole my dad! I hate you you destroyed our lives! 

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  • Well, I can see why he left. If the wife used to bully him and now she teaches the kids to do the same, maybe he should get full custody. This post can definitely help his lawyer. No good mother should let her children get involved, much less post about their own dad. And the language used in this post shows how horrible her parenting skills are.

  • It is a shame you will do this to your dad. No child should be involved in matters involving their parents. Regardless of what you think he has done to you posting a picture of him and embarrassing him is not the way to go about it. I pray God heals you and respect your father.

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