Martina Romero – Stilwell, OK, Oklahoma

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Martina Romero is one of the most self serving, vindictive, fake females I've ever had to deal with. She is having an affair with my husband Wade Kester, and is strangely obsessed with making me be the bad guy…Um no. I was hurt, shocked and beyond betrayed when I learned of their affair. She has bragged how she convinced him to leave me in the hospital alone after having a rough csection for our baby boy… and of how Wade won't answer my phone calls or texts becauseAnd WOw yeah it's terribly funny he didn't answer a single call and barely a shitty text in almost he's with her…Or how my Mother in law loves her and says she will just wait to see my baby when they get him…how I called crying, and begging him to talk to me. …What a cruel thing to do to a mother, wife, and Woman you've never met. I didn't reslize he was cheating during the birthday of our son, my bad I was a little preoccupied..

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  • If your boyfriend has a wife you a hoe

    She slept with my 67 year old uncle for pills. He’s the father of her boy she claims is someone else’s

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