Mark Arbino – Cincinnati, Ohio

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Mark Arbino, ruined my marriage with my wife of 10 years. He is a real estate agent in Cincinnati, Ohio @ Keller Williams. My wife is also a real estate agent with another company. They were working on a house deal together in August of 2017. Since they first started their conversations, it led from a home deal to him trying to get into her pants. He has called and spoke to her for over 2200 minutes in one month. When I found out about this, I called Mark and he explained t me that he is hoping that he ruined the marriage so he could move in on her. Also he said if I kept talking about it and pissing him off he would go ahead and fuck her so it’ll piss me off. We have two kids and live a very nice life so I thought. Mark knew she was a married woman, but still pursued her as if she was single. I have yet to confirm if anything else has happened but will update with more details. Please beware of the type of person Mark Arbino is, and know that he is out for only one thing…himself. It’s sad that he can sit back and watch a family be torn apart because of his actions and know he can walk away at anytime but she is left with the mess. Can’t believe people actually do things like this. 

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