Margorie Desiree Slaughter or Anderson – Houston, Texas

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This filthy lying cheating coward ass poor excuse for a human can be found in many Fuck finder sites and dating sites as Desiree 1983. She goes int phone and watches me amd stalks me. She calls my man from different phone numbers and when I speak with her she lies and says I don't know you or your husband. Her lies are what is getting her exposed today. I had 3 miscarriages due to stress and I am pregnant again and want her to feel the stress and pressure so i am gonna post all her phone numbers, addresses and pics so every One can call her and shame her for the dirty stank bitch she is. Most importantly she had the nerve to call my mother who is sick and not going to be with me much longer and harass her. 7134803510, 7134919479, 8322864472… call her take out your frustrations on her. Call her names and teach her how to keep her legs closed til she geta to the doctor and has these STDs she hands out taken care of. The spoiled tuna is not a good sign for anyone wondering. Marjorie Desiree Slaughter/Anderson she uses all of them and have many more.

12031 b champion valley Dr Houston 77066

7433 Saunders Rd Houston, TX 77016

Born August 18, 1982 or 1983. 

She is trying to go to school for nursing and isn' worthy. What can i do to get her training revoked amd banned from nursing school? She hides behind phones and is scared to see me face to face but I am pregnant and cant get at her myself til I give birth. Please help me induct her into the home wreckers club! 

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