Malissa Leigh – Cedar City, Utah

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Malissa Leigh a married woman and mother met a husband and wife at the gym they both teach at. She attended both of their classes. She eventually hired the husband as a personal trainer and they started sending more time together and texting daily. He would bring her over to the married mans home to help work on his trucks. Then we found out they were having an affair behind the wife's back and her own Husband's as well. They are both married but it sure didn't stop them. The husband decided to end a 10 year marriage and destroy his kids for this woman. 

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  • So where is the proof? I can say you and me were cheating on our spouse. And people would believe it because I posted it to the internet so it’s gotta be true right? No it’s just a woman letting her mind play tricks on her so she doesn’t want to seem crazy so she goes and makes a fake profile and starts this whole scandal. Why can’t we all be adults and just ask instead of posting crap all over the internet and hating each other thanks

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