Mahveen Sadiq – Markham, Ontario

There is this woman, being my friend for years actually betrayed me. She was having extramarital affair with my husband. She herself being a wife and mother of 2 children had affair with my husband for almost 5-6 years and I had no clue and we used to meet and also have family get togethers too. Her second son was born during her affair with my husband, what a dirty woman she was! One day her reality was disclosed and I was shocked. I read how she used my husband emotionally, financially and physically. I also read how she told my husband that she was bored with her husband who is actually a brain tumor patient. Instead of giving time to her sick husband she was after my husband all these years! She almost ruined my relationship for which me and my kids suffered a lot! This woman is sick! A stone hearted bit** who doesn't value family, orelse even having her own family she wouldn't have done what she did! Behind her fake smile lies an evil truth that she's a home wrecker!

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