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  • Wow check out this chicks Facebook pictures that’s a true skank!!!!!!

  • Wow takes a true slut to sleep with a married man an even bigger one to know he is married with a family what a piece of trash!!!!

  • Wow I feel the man is to blame but the women is more trash than he is when she willingly helps a married man cheat and not give a damn like this slut!!!!!

  • Wow to know he was married this takes a special kind of low but looking at the whore style picture this nasty bitch plasters allover the internet it dose not surprise me in the least. I feel bad for the man this slut ends up with if the poor guy don’t get am STI he will never have a faithful relationship of she helps people cheat she sure as hell is a cheater herself nasty ass bitch can’t even get a man of her own she has to fuck married men how nasty.

  • Wow can’t habe a man of her own so he had to try and take a man that already has a family what kind of low person would do that?????Oh what I guess this nasty slut would do that God help the women that was home that this price of shit didn’t send an STI to her or that poor baby she was carrying. And that’s another thing not even giving a shit this man is married with a pregnant wife she still gana jump his bones with no care in the world what a fucking winner we have here let’s give the slut some love people share the nasty name and keep you married men away from this one if you want to keep them!!!!

  • In no way do I feel I should not be to blame I did the most unthinkable thing I could do to my wife. I do not really have an excuse for what I did I was just a scared coward of a man I was a single 22 year old one day and woke up the next with a wife a son on the way and a step son looking up to me for guidance and I got scarred and tried to run I guess. I have no good reason thay my wife is still willing to stand beside me and work through this as a family I would not blame her to just leave and not look back, but that would be the last for me I would be absolutely destroyed without my family and thank God every night my wife still for some crazy reason still loves me. I have to live with this terrible mistake that I made that almost cost me everything and I do not think it idea far world when the slut willing to jump in bed with a married man dose not have to live up to her end of the situation. She is just as much to blame as I am and I only feel it is right she should have to deal with the actions that she took everyday just like I have to look back at it everyday to remind myself she was not work me almost losesing the most important people in my life over a stupid fling with a slut that would give it up to anyone willing.

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