lori.f.byars – Scenery hill, Pennsylvania

This woman married for money. Pretends to be Christian and has had 3 abortions one of which was mine and nebnetold me till years later. We were high school sweethearts and took a ten year break. She during the discussion about the abortions she then tells me she has been with 48 men since I was last with her. She was married twice during the break.

I found out on a Wednesday I was going to be able to travel the next day to see my daughter graduate and not five minutes after my daughter moved her tassel I got a text that read "sorry I can't do this anymore I'm moving out and never coming back. I wish you well." And in less than 24hrs she took all she wanted to with a whole crew and left. Haven't heard anything from her since. No I find out she has been cheating with an elder from our church after 18yrs of marriage and a 30 year relationship. Her name is now Lori Byars but really is Lori L Barbour and she is living with Daddy in scenery hill pensylvania.. She is the most conniving lying woman ever. Steer clear of the train wreck.

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