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This is a about a woman named Lisa SIRANGELO/Foley that wants to be a RICCIO… Well this HOMEWRECKING SLUT broke up my home about 2 years ago and she has done this before my fiancee she was sleeping with a married cop that was married and having a baby with his wifeeee… This is a woman with no morals or self respect… So to all women in LONG ISLAND THIS PIG LIVES IN.            3 VIOLET LANE, COMMACK, N.Y. 11725.   SO when i confronted her about how she knew my fiancee she told me i was nuts and he wasn't mine… And i should let him go… Well women out there she we as woman be afraid of having ups and with our spouses we lived together and she was fucking him when i was working or away helping my niece… She was meeting him behind my back… And making us fight… And putting thoughts in head… This is a 50 year old divorced woman that has 2 kids one girl and one boy… Ages 21 is the boy and 17 is the girl… Both moved out on her because she is taking my fiancee over her kids so they moved in with there father… Now she's giving the X problems because she has NO CONTROL OVER HER KIDS… but she let's my X live there for free and does what ever he wants… He's said it many of times that she's a naggg and he will never marry her or stay with her… She plays on the fact that she will support him and doesn't care as long as he fucks her… When she wants… Controling WONDER WHY HER KIDS LEFT??? REALLY LISA YOUR SHOWING YOUR KIDS WHAT YOU REALLY ARE A HOMEWRECKING WHORE WITH NO MORALS…                          YOUR JUST LUCKY THE COPS WIFEEE DIDN'T FIND OUT ABOUT YOU!!!! YOU WOULD OF DESTROYED THERE LIFE TOO… BUT KARMA WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU!!! IT'S STARTING WITH YOUR KID'S AND MORE IS TO COME… LOL DIDN'T YOUR SON DESTROY YOUR CAR AND KEYED IT WITH WHORE SCRATCHED INTO IT??? LOL YOUR OWN KID'S NO WHAT A WHORE YOU ARE!!! VERY VERY SAD… GOOD LUCK TO ALL HOMEWRECKING WHORES LIKE YOU… 5"2 AND 150LBS… LOOK AT YOUR SELF YOU LOOK LIKE A KUMQUAT!!! KEEP SMILING!!! YOU'LL ALWAYS BE USED BY MEN BECAUSE YOUR DESPERATE FOR A MAN THAT'S ALREADY TAKEN🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷


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