Lindsey Oehlers – Palm Desert, California

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This Girl is the biggest kind of loser. She started dating my husband then decided to become a family friend after, made a personal relationship with me, my son and my in laws, she used this a against me lied and pretended to be this sweet girl and one up me to my mother in law, lie to my mother In law about me to make herself look better, dont get me started on the mind games she played with my son to prep him to love her more then me,tell him she was going to be his mom and wanted to be his mom , and she would be funner then me, and the lies she would tell my husband. About me . she was a little spy that stuck around so disgusting only the lowest kind of human would do this. , This sad little girl will sleep with her customers husbands as a tip, sad sad thing no self respect, and all she wanted was to take everything from me my whole life , when I found everything out and my husband decided to end things he said it was just sex that became in obligation because he felt sorry for using her, this fat ass whore decided to lie about being pregnant this is why she wanted my life and son because she can't keep a child becausd of her fat weight and smoking she loses every pregnancy, this stupid selfeash girl was trying to tell my husband to leave me or never see your kid. she is a great manipulator and uses what she knows against u. My mother in law hates me she knew that and now my mother in law is routing for my husband to leave me for this nasty girl. The two of you can go to hell and die, mother in law you messed up cause now all you have is a fat friend that fucked with your grandsons head. Your grandson wants nothing to do with you , and hates the way you and Lindsey treated his mother  your son loves me and wants to be with me so you too are a perfect fit , both selfish ,menipulating, liying bitches who can both go to hell, F U both . karmas a bitch. I hope when you find someone Lindsey they come across this and it destroys your relashship, I hope one day you find someone get married maybe have a kid and they do the same to you then you will really know what you did , but then again your kind probly still won't care . oh and FYI if you think you were the only other one during your relaship with him you kidding yourself he told me he had sex with 2 other women in one day before going to sleep with you, oh and not mention that Lindsey is a walking STD after sleeping with my husband. your a loser and you cut hair like shit. And that my husband  tried to get one of his other sluts to work with you he was f ing her too that same day even  before introducing you ton her LOL. Stupid girl.  

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