Linda Nelms Horsting – Perry, Georgia

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This woman has done perverted things while on the job with another woman much younger than her. She has also accepted money to do things with her girltoy Diana Rice Roberts, behind her husband's back while he's had cancer. She is a vile creature bent on getting enjoyment by destroying the lives of her other co-workers. She will go through your phone & give out numbers to her girltoy Diana Rice Roberts, who is married to the assistant manager of Discount Tire in Warner Robins, GA on Watson Blvd, Blake Roberts. You can find these vile creatures on Facebook. Her other cohort is Hannah Elisabeth Hall Gordon of Warner Robins. These women all work in downtown Perry at an accounting office. They are every bit of the words "evil" & "cruel" & "torturous" & "abusive" as people in general. It's these kind of psycho-sexual people that give the kind people of Perry, gas bad name. Hannah Gordon's dad is Kevin Hall, an attorney in Warner Robins, Ga. Never trust back-stabbing people like these listed or the man they all work for! There is a special place in Hell for these perverted backstabbing women & they know it!!!!

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