Lillian Levinia Townsend – Raleigh, North Carolina

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This whore sleeps with married men thinking they will leave their wives for her! Such a stupid slut! She has had sex with married men in cars,  parking garages,  cheap hotels,  she will give her PATHETIC body away to anyone willing to lay with her. She has sex with married men in a room next to her disabled son. Such a whore!!! When the man cuts it off with her she will file unwarranted charges against the man. She will TRY to destroy your life. She sends nude pics of her 8th grade body to married men telling them that this is their motivation to meet up with her. She is truly a human mattress who is pathetic and cannot get a man of her own. Honey, here is a news flash, these married men would never be with trash like you. You are beneath them this is why they continuously lie to you just to get you to do what they want and then they toss you to the side. Giving married men "deadlines" to leave their wives was not going to work either. You have nothing to offer and the wives are much smarter, PRETTIER, sexier, and classier than you. You are the perfect example of a whore who thinks you can fu** your way into someone's heart. That's not how it goes lil Lill. Focus on finding someone who will try to respect you and not just use you for sex. Try finding your OWN man. It's a shame, but God will teach you a lesson because of your sins and I pray he has mercy on your little soul. Oh, and in case you didn't know baby, your SOUL MATE is NEVER another woman's HUSBAND!!! Who is the peanut butter to your jelly now whore??

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