Laura Marie ulreich – Basehor, Kansas

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This slut is trying to take a still married man Shawn wiley, that is going through a mid-life crisis and has had a nervous breakdown. A man who is cluster B bipolar manic depressive and multiple other disorders. A man who is an addict. And addicted alcoholic and gambler and serial cheater. The slut has no idea what she's in for and she doesn't care and she deserves every pain that is inflicted on her for a coming between a married man and his wife. I was dating this guy as he was lying to me and manipulating me until I found out he was married and I dumped his nasty ass. I don't date married men and neither should any decent woman. This man is using her to his fullest extent until he find someone that can give him an endless supply. He is a very sick man to get with someone this nasty who would easily spread her fat flabby thighs for her own selfishness and insecurities. She cleans nasty teeth at a dentist office for a living her co-workers really need to know what a hore they are working with and her kids need to know what an absolute piece of trash their mother is. This is the married man who has had a nervous breakdown. He is a man of many faces and as miserable as we speak. His smile isn't even real he's stressing on keeping his Supply until he find something better karma is going to hit her big time and she's not going to know what to do but fall to her knees and continue to suck another man's?#*. Because that's all she knows how to do she's a narcissistic bitch who is going to burn in hell 4 splitting up a family

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