Kyla Britteny – Lancaster, South Carolina

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Everyone meet Miss Kyla Brittney The Biggest whore I have ever met in my life! I have caught her multiple times with my husband the most recent time was last week. She is a con artist and very manipulative she lures guys in on guilt trips and leaves then responsible for taking care of her child who she takes to strange men's houses and has sex in front of. She searches for the nex father to her child ( whom she doesnt even know who the father is) She will get into a relationship and control the guy while she sneaks off and sleeps with other men for money and things for her child. She is a gold digger and a insane bitch. When u attempt to cut things off with her she will cut herself and scream and show up at your house beating on your windows while her child witnesses all of it. She has no regard for children or families as long and she gets what she wants This is the worst of them all beware !

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