Kitty Doupe – Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband and I have been struggling through a rough patch in our marriage. He suffers from bipolar disorder, which anyone who knows anything about bipolar disorder knows that he isn't the only one suffering (we all do). On top of this, he struggles with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury that resulted from his military service.

During his latest manic episode, he began an affair with this woman and I was none the wiser. When he just emotionally checked out of the marriage I knew something was going on, but I didn't know to what extent. I tried to suggest marriage counseling and that he start being more proactive about getting the help he needed for his mental health issues. But this lady just continued to pursue him until he eventually filed for divorce to be with this homewrecker

He moved into her home and just abandoned his family at Christmas time. When he called, and told me that he made a mistake and wanted to come home, I agreed to go to counseling with him. But this woman was so pathetic and desperate for my husband’s affection that she used that to turn him against me. She told him that he doesn't need help and if I loved him I wouldn’t be “trying to change him.”

Wow, that is not only manipulative, but just cruel. This is a man I have known for going on 20 years. He is/was my best friend and I know him better than anyone in the world. He needs help. The DOCTORS think he needs help! It has nothing to do with me not accepting him for who he is. People who have these issues are often suicidal. I just want my husband to be the happy, healthy person he deserves to be!

So, giving her the benefit of a doubt, I explain to her about these conditions and their effects on his health and life. I try to help her understand that impulsivity and recklessness are symptoms of his bipolar disorder. I was thinking maybe she honestly just doesn't get it and she thinks she's being nice to him by telling him he doesn't need help. But her response to this? She just tells me she “doesn't care to hear about my problems” and she just continues to sleep with my husband. WOW!

She is not only a homewrecker; she is just a horrible person. She is a military service member herself and should know the effects of PTSD on a family. She just doesn't care. She is a selfish, disgusting human being in every sense of the word.

About a month ago, my husband came home to me and wanted us to work things out. I was happy to allow us the opportunity to do that. But the whole time he was home, that woman would blow up his phone and even contact his friends and family via Facebook just to try to track him down. I had to lay in bed next to my husband and hear his phone blowing up with messages from that whore. Which, of course we argued about. Then one day he listens to some message from that woman and tells me he is leaving because he is afraid that if he doesn't, that she will probably "off herself."

So, I hope this whore is happy with herself. She not only has willfully and intentionally ruined my family, but she is just watching my husband’s mind deteriorate while she amuses herself. She is a shameful, disgraceful human being. Yes, they are both at fault. Yes, I am furious with him. But, once things set in and he had realized what he had done, he tried to fix it and she STILL would not leave him alone!! It takes a special kind of evil for a person to seek out the weaknesses of a marriage to use them to wedge herself between a husband and wife. She is the lowest form of evil.


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