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My husband and I have been struggling through a rough patch in our marriage. He suffers from bipolar disorder, which anyone who knows anything about bipolar disorder knows that he isn't the only one suffering (we all do). On top of this, he struggles with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury that resulted from his military service.

During his latest manic episode, he began an affair with this woman and I was none the wiser. When he just emotionally checked out of the marriage I knew something was going on, but I didn't know to what extent. I tried to suggest marriage counseling and that he start being more proactive about getting the help he needed for his mental health issues. But this lady just continued to pursue him until he eventually filed for divorce to be with this homewrecker

He moved into her home and just abandoned his family at Christmas time. When he called, and told me that he made a mistake and wanted to come home, I agreed to go to counseling with him. But this woman was so pathetic and desperate for my husband’s affection that she used that to turn him against me. She told him that he doesn't need help and if I loved him I wouldn’t be “trying to change him.”

Wow, that is not only manipulative, but just cruel. This is a man I have known for going on 20 years. He is/was my best friend and I know him better than anyone in the world. He needs help. The DOCTORS think he needs help! It has nothing to do with me not accepting him for who he is. People who have these issues are often suicidal. I just want my husband to be the happy, healthy person he deserves to be!

So, giving her the benefit of a doubt, I explain to her about these conditions and their effects on his health and life. I try to help her understand that impulsivity and recklessness are symptoms of his bipolar disorder. I was thinking maybe she honestly just doesn't get it and she thinks she's being nice to him by telling him he doesn't need help. But her response to this? She just tells me she “doesn't care to hear about my problems” and she just continues to sleep with my husband. WOW!

She is not only a homewrecker; she is just a horrible person. She is a military service member herself and should know the effects of PTSD on a family. She just doesn't care. She is a selfish, disgusting human being in every sense of the word.

About a month ago, my husband came home to me and wanted us to work things out. I was happy to allow us the opportunity to do that. But the whole time he was home, that woman would blow up his phone and even contact his friends and family via Facebook just to try to track him down. I had to lay in bed next to my husband and hear his phone blowing up with messages from that whore. Which, of course we argued about. Then one day he listens to some message from that woman and tells me he is leaving because he is afraid that if he doesn't, that she will probably "off herself."

So, I hope this whore is happy with herself. She not only has willfully and intentionally ruined my family, but she is just watching my husband’s mind deteriorate while she amuses herself. She is a shameful, disgraceful human being. Yes, they are both at fault. Yes, I am furious with him. But, once things set in and he had realized what he had done, he tried to fix it and she STILL would not leave him alone!! It takes a special kind of evil for a person to seek out the weaknesses of a marriage to use them to wedge herself between a husband and wife. She is the lowest form of evil.


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  • Since requests to have these posts removed go unanswered, I figured that there’s two sides to every story and you might as well hear mine. I’m Kitty Doupe. The one who wrote the post above is Nicolle Rebecca Wiedefeld, formerly Nicolle Schultz. Her ex-husband filed for divorce on 9 December 2016 (it was finalized this May – you can look it up by going to the Clark County Records Lookup, Family Court Records, Lookup by Party Name, Nicolle Schultz – to see the timeline for yourself) after years of being in an emotionally abusive relationship where he was constantly accused of having a mental illness, cheating, being told his kids were sick (he has two sons from a previous marriage who don’t live with him), and having his kids prohibited from entering his own home to see him.

    As the post says, I’m in the military and, like her ex-husband, I have served in combat and have experienced things that have changed me forever. Yes, we probably have some clinical form of PTSD. But if any one of you reading this has ever served, of if you’ve truly supported someone who has, you understand that we aren’t sick – we’re different. We have nightmares and we’re hypervigilant and we get angry a little quicker than others about things some people just don’t care about. And yes, we may very well need someone’s help to get through it. But what we don’t need is our loved ones judging us and telling us that we’re sick in the head every time we turn around. We don’t need someone using our combat experience and the effects it’s had on us as an excuse to blame us for every time they don’t get their way. Nicolle is a spoiled little brat who only valued her ex-husband for his money, the things he could provide, and to help provide some stability for her two children (hers from a previous relationship that did live with them). As a testament to this, she demanded that she be given ten additional months of her husband’s GI Bill so that she can finish school – the GI Bill he earned overseas. She hasn’t worked in years and lived completely off of him. That’s why she wanted to keep him and that’s why she’s on sites like this writing mean things about other people. He never, ever cheated on her. She was abusive and cruel, she kept degrading him, taking advantage of him, she forbid him to bring his own children into his own home, and he stopped wanting to be close to her. That was it.

    He did, in fact, go back to her for approximately one week in March. This was while I was deployed. My team and I experienced an incident and I tried to call him to let him know I was ok and my team was alive. The call went straight to voicemail, and the text and Facebook messages were never delivered – his phone was off. So, yes, I contacted his sister to ask her to relay the message for me and ensure he was ok. I wasn’t trying to contact him because he was with Nicolle – I honestly had no idea and I was just trying to tell him that I was alive. And his phone wasn’t blowing up while they were together – it was off. And because I was on a mission overseas, I certainly had no intentions to “off myself”. I had bigger things to worry about.

    As I mentioned, and told you how to look up yourself, they are now legally divorced. And you can see from the timeline that they were in the process of divorce when she wrote her post. And I hope you can see now that the post above is nothing but the delusional rantings of a mean and bitter woman who was being divorced by a man who finally decided he couldn’t put up with…. Well, a delusional, mean, and bitter woman. Can you blame him?

    • First of all, Homewrecker, I have absolutely nothing to hide. I am not the homewrecker — that’s you dear. However, in the interest of providing only accurate facts you should know that my legal name is, in fact, Nicolle Schultz.

      Nothing about anything I have said was even remotely dishonest. And, unlike your stories, it’s all been experienced first-hand.
      Yes, we are legally divorced… NOW. That is because I rushed to finish it rather than wait until our court date in August.

      At the time I wrote this, Jon was telling me every other week that he just wanted to come home and have his family back. Meanwhile, you were busy throwing yourself at him and manipulating him to try to wedge yourself between us out of sheer pathetic desperation for attention.

      Bias, second-hand stories about my marriage are not facts no matter how badly you’d like to believe that.

      • I wanted to “keep” my husband because he was the love of my life. I married him for better or worse and in sickness or health. I know every ugly part of that man and I have never “judged him” for having issues. I have spent years trying to help and support him. But, you already know this. I basically wrote you a book begging you to PLEASE leave my husband alone. Your selfish, manipulative ass could care less about other people, though.

      • His diagnosis of mental illness is not an “accusation” – it’s a documented fact and you’d know that if you cared to. Also, the details of this was covered in the damn essay I wrote you explaining it. But, you know that.

      • Sounds silly to use accusations of cheating as some sort of mean thing I did to him… that is exactly what the post was about. He CHEATED on me with you! I know, how dare I call him out on that, right?

      • His oldest son is on the Autism spectrum. Don’t know where he falls on the spectrum because his parents refuse to acknowledge that anything could possibly be wrong with him and have refused to get him evaluated. Even after a good friend of ours (who has specialized in behavioral therapy for children with Autism for the last 15+ years), recommended he be tested! You also knew all of this already, but way to spin the story.

      • Jon’s level of agitation hits extreme levels when his kids are around because he doesn’t know how to deal with them or his emotions about them. After 6+ years of me caring for them like my own kids and typically spending more time with them than he even did, Jon’s mental health got to the point that I had to put my foot down. After several visits that ended in chaos and destructive behavior, I insisted that he see a therapist before their next visit. He refused. So, I told him that until, he decides to address the problem, I will not allow him to let things continue to get worse by bringing the kids to the house for another episode of violence and chaos from him. For the record, his kids have always been more than welcome in our home but, if he was going to be there, he would need to be getting help for the things that caused him to act in a way that scared the hell out of the rest of us.

      Yes, unfortunately that meant he needed to visit his kids in California or take them to a hotel up here until he stopped refusing treatment, but my safety and ALL of our kids’ safety takes priority over Jon’s stubbornness about seeking help for his mental issues. I don’t know if there may have been a better way to handle that, but I was at my wits end with the hell the whole family went through when Jon was triggered. I CAN tell you that nothing about how I decided to handle my family’s crisis will ever be any of your business and its still doesn’t excuse you opening your disgusting fat ass legs to another woman’s husband.

      • Downplaying PTSD makes you sound ignorant. PTSD is a mental ILLNESS. This is not my opinion. If you have any issues with that, please refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5). Also, please educate yourself on what PTSD really means. I don’t have the energy to explain how ignorant you sound when you describe it as simply being “different.” You are exactly like the military assholes who tried to prevent psychology professionals from being allowed to label it as a mental disorder in the DSM-5. Stop perpetuating the stigma of mental illness! People like YOU are exactly why so many vets go untreated for the psychological damage that’s been done to them by their experiences in the service (not to mention law enforcement first responders). “Oh, they don’t really need help, they are just different.” Really??! Should they just “tough it out” or something? Is that just part of their job? Wow! You are a complete moron. It’s people just like your ignorant ass that make people like Jon feel ashamed about getting treatment or sometimes even reporting mental illness.

      • Touching a bit more on the above point: When you accuse me of ‘blaming my husband’s mental illness when I don’t get my way” are you referring to the time when he had an unprovoked outburst about being calmly asked to turn the TV down and took a hammer to the flat screen? Or when he tried to saw our dining room table in half. Was I “being spoiled” when he threw my laptop down the stair and broke it? I don’t expect you to understand the effects of a husband’s mental illness on his family’s sense of safety and security. You don’t have kids and you definitely don’t know how bad things can get when a person remains untreated for their mental illness. So please don’t talk about it like you have any idea what’s going on. Again, you sound ignorant as hell. Me wanting my husband to get help so he can feel normal again isn’t selfish of me. I knew him long before he turned into this version of himself. That’s how I know THIS isn’t him. He is so much better than this. But, you have heard all this before. You knew exactly what the real story was and you continued to sleep with him. That’s what homewreckers like you do.

      • For the record: I quit my job because I was also going to school fulltime and my husband wanted me home more and ASK ME TO QUIT. I fail to see how this makes me “spoiled.” It was in the best interest of OUR family and we didn’t need the extra money. Our family decision to transfer GI Bill benefits to me just made sense. He got TA from the AF Reserves for college tuition and was also not even able to use the full benefit of the GI Bill because he was not eligible for the living allowance while he was in the reserves. The 10 months he decided to transfer to me were not ADDITIONAL. He revoked those months out of spite when we got in an argument and he later offered to RETURN them to me as part of the terms of our divorce in exchange for not having to pay for other things. Though, that’s none of YOUR business.

      Other than when I quit working for school, the only other time I haven’t worked was when I left my 2 jobs, sold my car and got rid of most of my belongings because he wanted me to drop everything and go live in The Netherlands with him while he was stationed there. I did not have authorization to work in that country, so I didn’t work. Still, I fail to see how leaving everything I owned, a job I loved, all my family and friends (including my own kids) to support him while he was stationed overseas somehow makes me “spoiled.” I have paid all my own bills and my children’s bills for the entire time I have been “not working.” That was the whole point of me using the GI Bill. So I could still help out financially while finishing my degree… for our family. In fact, for about a year before I quit my job to be a fulltime student, I was paying ALL our family’s bills while Jon was “saving his money.” Jon had no issue with our arrangement until recently when he started feeling insecure about me going to school and moving ahead while he remained in the same place. I was actually the one constantly being accused of cheating or having plans to leave him. But, instead of criticizing his fears, I bent over backwards to make him feel comfortable and secure in any way I could think of. You really have NO idea what you are talking about and my family’s financial and lifestyle decisions continue to be none of your business.

      • Consider the fact that, just like you have tried to blame me for the fact that you are a trashy whore who sleeps with married men, maybe the guy who is cheating on his wife is going to try to say whatever he can say to try to excuse his poor choices. Just a thought 😉

      • Insisting that a loved one seeks psychological help for their DOCUMENTED MENTAL ILLNESS is not emotional abuse any more than insisting a diabetic take his insulin. Preventing reoccurrences of outbursts by whatever means necessary, even demanding he seek help before the kids’ next visit, is not emotional abuse. It may have not been the best solution. It may have been desperate, but it’s NOT abusive. He was NEVER “kept from his kids” in any way. He was simply forced to address the challenges that arose whenever his kids were around. He refused to even try. All he needed to do was show up to one damn appointment. He is not an abuse victim. Calling someone out on their cheating is also not emotional abuse, but wouldn’t your lying cheating ass love to think so. Lol!

      • The person I have known for almost 20 years is basically a stranger to you by comparison. I have known him most of his life. I have loved him even when he was sometimes hard to love. I have never wanted anything but the best for him. Oh, and btw, when he and I first got together, he was $20k in debt and most of his income went to his first ex-wife. I’m far from the gold digger you try to claim that I am. I married him when he had no job. Finishing my degree was the best thing for OUR FAMILY. I refuse to somehow be painted as selfish for doing that.

      • And since you brought up one of the times he came home and wanted to work things out with me, you should also know that’s not the only time. In addition to the multiple conversations we have had about it over the last several months, he called me in the middle of the night just last week on the verge of tears, begging me to take him back. Then comes over to our house and tells me how ashamed he is for the things he has put me through and how he will do anything to just be a family with me again. He went on and on about what a sneaky, lying phony you are (and how his family that you think likes you has been telling him the same thing), and how embarrassed he is for leaving his family for a phony like you. Hmmm…. apparently, I’m not so horrible that he had to get away 😉

      Your “side of the story” still fails pathetically to justify sleeping with a married man. Yes, our divorce was final last month. That’s because I insisted we hurry and finish things up in mediation instead of waiting until court in August. But you have been spreading your fat, disgusting legs to him for months and way before I ever heard the word divorce. Oh and you know that too because it was in the novel I wrote you. Stop playing dumb. You knew exactly what you were doing. If you think my FACTS are “mean” then oh well. You have NO excuse for your disgusting behavior.

      By the way, it only makes it more EVIL and gross that the whole time you were trying to win the attention of my husband, you were also whoring yourself to Senobio. Oops! Yeah, EVERYONE knows what a soulless whore you really are. You ignored the fact that Jon was married and clearly not done with his marriage. He tried to reconcile with me multiple times. Still tries! But you just need attention so badly that you don’t care what damage you caused.

      You make yourself out to be some kind of savior for taking him away from his “mean” wife, but I am a good woman. I stood by that man through everything, even when I shouldn’t have. But you are just a slimeball. You knew that if he got the help he needed, he would come down from his manic episode and see all the damage he was causing. And that would have gotten in the way of the attention you felt so entitled to. So you enabled his destructive behavior because it made you feel special. You are just sick. You don’t give a crap about anyone but yourself. The whole time you were sleeping with my husband and ruining my family you were “in love” with some other guy! You are so gross!

      Homewrecker, sure Jon may have some issues and he is not innocent when it comes to how he has treated me because of those issues. Yeah, he was wrong to go outside of his marriage and lower himself to the likes of your disgustingness, but you are so much worse. You saw that he was hurting and vulnerable and you used that for your own entertainment. I explained everything to you. You knew he was troubled and needed some help. If you even tried to know him at all, you’d be able to see that damage his life has undergone because of your intrusive, destructive presence. But you just exploited his weaknesses and wedged yourself between a husband and wife for the benefit of your own ego.

      He is an asshole for abandoning his family, but at least he is sorry. At least he can admit when he is wrong. He has to live with the consequences of those mistakes for the rest of his life. He knows that and he’s miserable now. But you are such an evil disgusting human being that you try to defend your actions. You seriously don’t see anything wrong with the path of destruction you left behind you when you stomped your giant thunder-thighs through other peoples’ lives. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are just evil.

      ****Edited to remove the last name of the other woman’s “other man.” He actually seems like an awesome person and you should be ashamed of yourself for the games you CONTINUE to play with him for the benefit of your own ego. But, of course, you are too emotionally vacant to consider all the people you hurt with your attention-seeking games.
      You are so broken and ugly, inside and out. You can’t fix yourself by breaking other people!

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