Kira Kellner – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kira Kellner – AKA @SU_KekeMcCoy of the STARunderground swinger podcast crew. The once divorced Kira enjoys being kinky on work time. I wonder if Project Bundle-Up, the American Diabetes Association, and the Brentwood Firecracker 5k are aware of how she uses her on-the-clock time? Pay close attention to the necklace and top from her Facebook picture and the one from @SU_ZoJericho’s (Justin S. Newman) Twitter feed. Yes, you are correct, the exact same top and necklace; the dates also coincide. Again, you are correct; it is the picture of Justin Newman (@SU_ZoJericho) and his lovely wife Shanna (@SU_JaeJericho) with Kira at the race. If they are not ashamed of sexual partner sharing, why hide their faces? It does no good anyhow, considering all others signs are so obvious.

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