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  • Christy Curley sent me this link after she broke up with me. She claims someone else made it but its clearly her cuz it was made on the day we last broke up, she HATES my mother, she cannot spell and her favorite words are whore, bitch and BROTHER.
    I exposed her truths on my Twitter after she wouldnt stop abusing me even after finding out she cheated on me with her brother.
    Its her first cousin’s(Lori Tapahonso) brother who both have the same father. His name is darrell johnson and they work at desert mountain corporation in kirtland, nm.
    In order to see the pix of him sending his own sister dick pics and talking about sucking her big tits and how he made her ‘cum good all the time’, go check my twitter at twitter.com/mizzkeamz
    Anyway, she sent me links to what other ppl online were saying about me. I’m not surprised. Don’t take being denied on a date too personal. Everyone has their own life too.

  • So done with your nasty dirty vag. Move on and move away we’re done so stop already

  • Nothing about this Cylimdia bitch has changed she still the horny bitch of the four corners. Married guys are not the only ones shell chase.

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