Kayla Taylor the crumb snatcher – Florence, New Jersey

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I have been with my Fiance Pete for 8 years and this little dragon face bitch stole what I had going. I found video tapes of her and him having sex in front of my German Shepard named Willow and our 3 month old baby. He is a whimpy head black tooth wearing his 7 year old brother's pants and his Mom's panties. She came into my home and Pete bitch ass let her. She not only wrecked what we had going she was so dick blinded she took pills to try to kill herself later telling Pete she wanted his attention. I kicked Pete out of my house and found her dirty ass thongs In my cabinet where Pete hid them. Pete gave me chlamydia 😕 and our daughter was born with a disease. Kayla came to the hospital tossing water in my face because she was upset I had Pete's baby. Fuck Pete from Riverside Nj and Fuck Kayla Taylor from Florence NJ. A Whore in the making. 

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