Kayla Kochendoerfer – Calais, Maine

Took a lot of thought to post this….at first I thought to hell with it…then I thought that for once out of the 4 marriages that she has destroyed that it should be known to all…because this person does not deserve to walk around acting like what she is doing is ok.

Lets start with the texting…or from what I am told by my soon to be Ex…sexting is the term he used. Him and Kayla work together every day at a local coffee shop. So the occasional text seemed normal, but then my gut instinct told me to check with the phone company and see just how many there were. Over 390 in a one month period between them.

At this point I thought it best to have him move out of the house…and I am so thankful for that. As you will see, she actually admitted it to me through a text message. 

Found out that they actually had sex in the room that I paid for so that he could take his mom to an appointment in Bangor, ME. 

This is literally the 4th marriage that this girl has destroyed….with zero remorse. 

So since all of this of course he is sorry, still loves me, calls her a whore, and wants our lives to go back to what they were…well to hell with that. 

Listen up ladies….you are better than that. If you forgive them, you are just giving them permission to keep doing it…

My divorce will be final on Dec 7 

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