Kayla evarts – Scranton hilltop projects, International

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Slut who're money hungry bitch out to get rich off any man she can she is a man hater and sleeps around she is a dirty skank sells her slut ass on the curb she smells fishy and any man can go deep sea diving she trys to commit suicide but it's all for attention she puts on make up for attention. No many wants her fishy pussy she has kids she abandon them cause she's a whinny cry baby bitch her house is filthy she's a mentally retarded bitch living off ssi cause she so mentally retarded she can't work in life lazy fucking mooching off the system piece of low life scum  she is so retarded she can't even talk right but she is a jealous who're watch out ppl she pretends to be your friend then turns on you when she don't get her shinny cry baby way typical retarded scumbag oh and she blocks u so you can't respond to nasty shit she say about you a backstabbing pig she show off her body cause she starves herself yo stay skinny men don't even find her attractive she so ugly without make up that why she puts on a show on facebook and Instagram this girl is disgusting she sleeps with men for money and she's a private stripper but watch men she will give you oral herpies

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