Katrina Craig – Australind, Western Australia, International

Introducing Katrina Craig (nee Vanteunenbroek), married mother of 5 from Australind, Western Australia. Originally from Nowra, NSW she is a liar and a cheat. When her own marriage hit a rough spot, rather than fix it and her own life, she immediately had to fill the void with the first man that came along. She didn't care that he was married with his own family, she just couldn't bare to be alone. After a brief affair, this man decided to save his marriage. I've spoken to the wife of the man she tried to steal, and even after they were putting their marriage back together, Kat was still trying to hook up with the husband via text message, even though she had taken her own husband back. She's a liar and a cheater who drinks too much, taunted her husband with her affair with his former workmate, and neglected her children while trying to ruin another marriage. Her husband deserves better than being the fall back option. Is there anything more pitiful than a failed homewrecker? 

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  • Pretty sure this is the same low life that my husband Jay had pics of on his phone. I think he met her out riding his kayak. Pretty sure they would meet up during the day and screw in his car. He had pics of her sitting on his kayak with her legs open. Tittie shots. Only one with her face in it she was wearing a cowboy hat and looking to the side. Sure it was her. He still denies it to me, but one of his mate’s wives said her husband had seen the pictures. Jay called her Treena the Treendale Tramp.

  • I believe this woman has been sleeping with my husband Jay also. He denies it, and he thinks I believe him but I found pictures hidden on his phone, and the one with her face looks like this bitch. His mates wife told me she overheard them laughing when they were looking at his phone and calling her Treena the treendale tramp.

  • Hi Abby, Your right he has been fucking her. Please email me and i can give yyou further details.

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