Kathleen Natasha Rise Wendt – , Michigan

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This heartless homewrecking whore, while her father lie in a coma at the hospital, was seducing my sister's husband, who was at the hospital visiting Kathleen's father, his friend. My sister unknowing to Kathleen's sexual intentions with her husband, did all she could to help Kathleen through this  time her father lie in a coma. Kathleen  was asking my sister's husband to leave my sister & his job of over 25 years to open a christmas tree farm with her. What a stupid whore!  BEWARE to anyone looking for a nanny. Not only does Kathleen have a history of seducing the husbands of the families she works for, but she has a history of abusing pain medications & alcohol. BEWARE of this frog faced bitch with her gawdy oversized boobs!

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