Kariel Summer Thompsom – Los Angeles, California

@curlyheadcarib  is a whore. I dated her off and on when she was at UC Irvine and I was in the police academy. I thought she was a nice girl. She's from the Bahamas and her cousin plays for the Golden State Warriors.  Because she was from the islands I thought we shared similar value since I was born and raised in Haiti. Turns out she is an Americanized slutty ass bitch who will open her legs for just about anything. I do mean anything because right now she is shacking up with a nasty ass man who got kicked out of his house because he was fucking Kariel when his wife was pregnant with their son  caryo has no respect for anyone. She brought bed bugs into my mother's home. She gave me an STD. Then man that she's with right now and her both have herpes because I've seen them both with cold sores on their lips. She lets him fuck her in the ass. So who knows where she has bumps.  She works as a speech therapist in Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Culver City.  She's a drunk and a liar she has no moral fiber whatsoever

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