Kara Oliver – Corunna, Michigan

This woman is the lowest in moral character.  She cheated on her husband, has had a long term affair with a married man (that has a young child), and divorced her husband (broke up her own family) presumably in hopes that the married man would leave his wife and family.  Since the time the affair was uncovered, the man she is having an affair with has been trying to repair things with his wife. Yet she refuses to STOP communicating with him knowing the life’s she is helping to ruin.  They cannot even try to repair something she helped to break because she will not stop. This horrible human being has bad mouthed the wife for years – untrue things – just so she can look better about the misery she is causing.  She meets up with him in secrecy and does not care one inch about the kind of person she is modeling for her own children.  What type of person continues to do this? Can she not find her own family??? Or is she just doing all of this because the man has money????  Word of wisdom to anyone that crosses her path…she has no morals, integrity, or feelings when it comes to doing horrible things to people. Keep your husbands away so she cannot try to help manipulate them when they are going through the normal trials and tribulations a couple goes through. She will find that weak spot and use it for all it is worth!

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