Justine Sanchez and Robert Butler – Beardstown, Illinois

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Justine Sanchez, 26 of Beardstown : Not only is she a Mother of 3 . (2 girls and a boy) she is a Homewrecker! My Ex-Boyfriend and I were together 9 years with 3 kids and One on the way(5 months pregnant) when I found out about Mz Dirty Sanchez(whom my x boyfriend Met at His Job). Not only Did she know he had a Family but when confronted she said she didn't care and he's Her king and for me and My kids to move on and Find someone else to love us.  Since September 28th 2017 Robert has since moved out and moved in with her and her 3 kids . She is a Very Proud if her Latina Herritage (even though her mom's white) But yet dislikes white people . She has 2 Fathers already to the 3 children and is now telling my kids dad that if he wants kids with her it's not up to him but to God(she about to trap him) lol. She doesn't care about our kids and apparently neither does he . endless nights they've cried for him and he walks away only to be "soothed" (in her own words ) in a way she's never soothes anyone before when he goes back to her. She sees nothing wrong in sharing and him playing house in 2 homes as long as he lives with her and  honestly doesn't wish to be in our kids lives as long as she had him. So women Beware . they've been together almost 4 months and if it doesn't last your man Could be next 😂😂

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