Justin S Newman – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Justin S. Newman is an active swinger with his wife, Shanna. His call sign is Alonzo Jericho or @SU_ZoJericho. He is one part of the STARUnderground podcast of swingers. He does not try to hide his swinging identity, and that is shameful for a father of two. He works in the same office as another swinger Ken Sines, SU_CaptainJake. Justin readily shows off his swinger status at work by wearing a pineapple tie and black ring to work (both signs of being a swinger), he then brags about it on his Twitter feed. He puts his birthday out for all to see.


If you know him and want to hear his voice on podcast; go to podbean or podfanatic and search for “Starunderground”. To see the podcast crew in person sign up for the STARunderground topless Jello Wrestling at ClubBodyShop in Canton, OH.

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