Judi Greenspan – Shaker heights, Ohio

Aaron Greenspan is a liar racist thsy posts court case of illegal immigrants and their addresses. 95% of plainsite.org database is based on minority blacks and Hispanic.  The white you are in the America the more you get away with. Aaron Greenspan is white guy who gets away with everything.  His mother judi Greenspan is rich and owns keene promotions.  Keene was started by her father.  Dr. Neil s Greenspan as a rich professor at case western reserve university.  They don't pay taxes and write their income off as a 501c . You can see in 2010 they made 250k in the charity tax fre. They use Simon Greenspan who is autistic as their poster boy to get rich.

They are savage 




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  • Aaron Greenspan also goes by the name Aaron J Greenspan . Aaron Greenspan runs a fake fraudulent charities under a 501c to avoid paying the IRS. Aaron Greenspan had mental issues and his twin brother Simon Greenspan is in and out of adult homes. Both are retarded. I feel bad for judi Greenspan and Neil S Greenspan. The fraudulent charity is named Think Computer Foundation. Think computer corporation and plainsite.org. Recently Aarongreenspan published an article about Herbalife and partnered with Orion Research. Aaron Greenspan is a very skilled at being a liar and cheater. Aaron Greenspan visits Neil Greenspan at case western reserve university asking dudes if Aaron can swallow. Very strange guy.

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