Joseph Andrews – El Dorado, Arkansas

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This was my son's football coach but instead of coaching and mentoring him he chose to chase my wife! I realize that she had a part in this as well but he knew she was married and chose to persue her regardless! This man lkes to boast on his Facebook page about being a Christian and mentor to our children! So this is what we are teaching out children, that adultery is acceptable which also teaches among other things that lying, cheating, manipulation and that the rules and morals don't apply to certain people is accetatable? What does a single, middle aged man with teenage children of his own need with a married woman that is 10 years his junior? To rescue her from her marriage? To save her from her husband? I think not, because we all know that the person doing the cheating creates a reality that is exagerated and does not reflect a fair view of the marriage and the one doing the perusing tells them everything they want to hear and helps create the an even larger drift in the marriage or relationship, all in an effort to gain something that they see and think is theirs for the taking but in reality was not because needless to say the person is still married! Now instead of me being able to work on my marriage in a more productive heathier manner you (Joseph Andrews) have helped create a much more hostile and damaged relationship, not to mention the affect this has had and will continue to have on my son and his future! This  is the reason audultry is such a selfish and cowderly act because no one ever thinks about the children and the damage that their self centeredness and inconsiderate acts will cause them! Me, I am a grown man, I can handle this and I can and will become a stronger, more resilient man than I was before because of it. It may take my Son on the other hand years to recover from the damage this has caused him in so many ways. Your supposed to be an example to our youth, not a menace!

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