Jordan Alexandra Benson – Dormont, Pennsylvania

Homewrecking piece of shit. This particular piece of shit will prey on vulnerable men. She’s a waitress at Jim and Lou Lou’s in Bethel Park, PA. She works weekends so make sure you stiff her.  She comes off a nice shy young naïve little girl but watch out ladies she has no respect for any boundaries especially in a marriage.  She frames it like oh she’s going to be a good friend and help you when you’re having trouble in your marriage – bullshit!  She’s out for herself and that’s it. Don’t be fooled by how she acts… you know the type, overly nice and friendly. F*#% her. She knew me and my husbands family. She didn’t care. She went right along with it and was VERY pursuant. Now she thinks she’s going to plug herself into my life, play mommy with my kid and dotting girlfriend. Over my dead body. Or hers. 

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