John Morley – Berlin, New Hampshire

I am Jack’s sister-in-law and I found out that he had a penile implant put in last month. He told everyone that he was having a hernia repaired. His wife told me he has a 2.75 inch erection that always falls out. Also, he is a big time exhibitionist. He even exposed himself to me on Facebook.

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  • This is Jacks sister-in-law and my name is Leah. Oh, Jack was also arrested for ejaculating on the pavement in front of an Internet cafe in Bridgton ME for all sorts of women to see.

  • This is John, or Jack and I do have a small 2.5 inch erection. Also, I do like to expose myself to women and have been doing it my whole life. I especially enjoy exposing myself to teenage girls and tweens as they seem to enjoy it more than older women. In fact, I just exposed myself to three teenage girls as they walked to school this morning here in Berlin, NH. Email me at with any questions.

  • I do have a penile implant which I leave inflated and hard 24/7. And yes my erection is just 2.5 inches long. I also expose myself whenever I can and I especially like to expose my penis to teenage girls and tweens.

  • This is John and my erection is actually just 2.5 inches long.

  • Actually I have a 2.5 inch long erectin. I’ve never satisfied a woman with it. It ALWAYS falls out. Most women laugh when they see it. My wife is considering divorce.Says she wants a man who doesn’t have a micropenis!

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