Jesus A. Jamaica – Fort Myers, Florida

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He is a Narccisst, patological liar, steriod user, and now using his company to rob the elderly. He is going through a divorce where he is trying to rip off his wife for her alimony because he is spending on a another married woman who he has lied to to get. Jesus is a loose cannon who has domestc violence charges and anger issues, but that is probably because of the steriod use. He is in a relationship where he thinks it is all about him. He is the kind of person who thinks he is always right, always lies. He has serious issues with self confidence becuase he has a neddle dick. He told his girlfriend she need to do keigle exercieses because he could not feel her and it made it harder for him to get off. Reality is that his dick is so small she could not feel him in her and she was not even getting wet, much less reaching an orgasam. Here is a guy who girlfriend has to have her friends call his phone while it is on speaker to talk to them. So sad    For those who believe in Karma you can bet he will get his. 

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