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  • where is the emails, photos, home address, text messages, facebook,twitter account?

    • I wouldn’t give out her personal address or personal information. She can be easily found on social media by anyone. If you’re asking what “proof” of an affair exists: the husband involved has admitted it. There are many pages of text messages on phone bills. Copies of conversations via text and email along with inappropriate content. Receipts.

    • Don’t you mean “where are?”. We don’t even understand what you are asking. Are you asking for proof of the affair (because it exists and can be posted) or are you looking for information about the person (because that information is also easily attainable through basic, public searches).

    • ARE you a mental case why are u asking for that info obv people wouldn’t post shit if they didn’t have evidence because if you do You can and will get into legal trouble. Only a Moron would ask for proof. You must be a woman that sleeps with married men. Only an ass would ask that damn

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